Founded in 1999, Ningbo Motor has established itself as a product expert and supply chain expert in the automotive aftermarket. Over the years, we have invested in factories in china and out of china for several major products, including chassis parts, turbochargers, loaded struts/shock absorber assemblies, timing chain kit and floor mats. With our digital management, We have also cooperated with over 7,000 suppliers of automotive chassis parts, engine parts, brake parts, and automotive accessories, alloy wheels , enabling us to provide the right products to our customers. At the heart of our business are our basic values of trust, discipline, and joy. Our goal is to be a great company that customers trust and employees grow with. We strive to innovate and create new experiences for our customers, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry. With a focus on staying ahead of our customers’ needs, we are committed to delivering elevated experiences, inspirational brands, and rider-driven innovations, backed by a team of talented and dedicated professionals. At our core, we believe in leading from the front and embracing our role as a driving force in the automotive aftermarket industry.

We are a group company specialized in manufacturing & supplying products for automotive aftermarket.

Our mission is to give our customer not only reliable products but also effective solutions.